Don't Be A Poople




"Don't Be A Poople" products and campaign will offer hope, inspiration, and tools to those who encounter negativity and bullying. We believe these items will encourage communication and offer humor and love as a healer for all People and Pooples, of all ages.

Our book and Poople Apparel™ provide fun ways to express your support for kindness. "Don't Be A Poople" is perfect for schools, libraries, the workplace, or home - and anywhere we need to be reminded to put compassion and love first.

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“I really like that the book tells you that Pooples can be turned back into People again.”

- Jack, 5 years old

"'Don’t be a Poople' is a fantastic book for this day and age. I am a mother, and a grandmother and I plan to buy this book for each one of my grandchildren. Not only is the artwork out of this world, but the message is something I would love to instill in each and every one of these kids. Thank you for doing a wonderful job!"

- Alison of Seattle, Washington

“Maybe Pooples aren’t really mean people. I learned that I should tell a teacher.”

- Vivian, 4 years old

What is a Poople?

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