About Us

Don't Be a Poople is a series of content, products, and merchandise produced by the No Poople Community, LLC, whose mission it is to spread love and compassion and stop bullying in all its forms.


A portion of our profits will be donated to organizations that work to prevent and stop bullying.




Teresa Fausti

Author, Co-owner and Producer

Teresa hopes the “Don’t Be A Poople” stories can offer tools to children who encounter negativity and bullying.

Her goal is to encourage communication and offer humor and love as a healer for all People and Pooples. Most of us can be Pooples at one time or another. She hopes the book can remind us all to help each other be kind.

Teresa has seen and experienced Pooples firsthand in her personal life, the workplace and during a debilitating illness where she was temporarily confined to a wheelchair.

In addition to writing, Teresa is an entrepreneur and high-tech corporate communications and public relations professional. She is co-owner of and producer in The No Poople Community, LLC with her business partner, Nancy Barcenas, who helped to bring this book to life. The company’s mission is to offer a variety of products and content to convey a message of love and compassion and stop bullying in all its forms across all environments.

Teresa lives in Seattle and Walla Walla, Washington.




Sanyukta Stargazer


Sanyukta Stargazer is a self-taught artist and illustrator working from the beautiful and busy city of Mumbai.

Entering in the universe of book illustrations and discovering original stories by authors around the globe is like going on an adventurous road trip for her.

Working as an Art Director at Aayushi Fulldome Films, she has also worked on numerous immersive animated documentaries and motion graphic projects.

She has been independently illustrating books for more than 5 years. During this time, she has designed more than 10 lovely books for kids and over 350 book cover illustrations.




Nancy Barcenas

Co-Owner and Producer

Nancy lives in the Pacific Northwest with her family. She loves to travel, read, meet people, try new foods, and be creative.

She has been a book lover since she was a little girl and her dad used to read her bedtime stories.

Nancy is thrilled to be a part of the No Poople Community, spreading acceptance and joy!